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Tips to attract top talent

For the first time since records began, job vacancies have outpaced unemployment levels in the UK. In May 2022, job vacancies rose to a record 1.3m while unemployment rates stayed below 4%.

The effects of this have been well documented in the media, with the current airline staffing crisis receiving extensive coverage. It is clear to see that the competition for workers is fierce in the current labour market. Therefore, this blog post will help identify key ways in which your business can stand apart from the crowd and attract top talent.

Research has shown that employees want to:

  • Feel valued

  • Feel a sense of belonging among caring and trusted colleagues

  • See the potential to grow

  • Have the flexibility to integrate work with their personal lives

Here are five ways in which you can help increase the attractiveness of your brand to future applicants.

1. Ensure your company has a great reputation

Invest time in considering why your employees should want to work for your business and build a recruitment process around it. Consider what values your business stands for and how these may benefit the employees working for you. How can you motivate future team members to get on board?

2. Create a compelling company culture

The culture of a business may make or break an employee’s decision to work for you. Therefore, it is important to consider what your workers may want – for example, in the opportunity for flexible or hybrid working or involvement in decision-making processes. Smaller perks, such as free coffee or casual dress may also help to create an attractive environment for those looking to join your team.

3. Establish strong relationships from the get-go

First impressions are among the most powerful – therefore, why not use the recruitment process to develop a strong connections with interviewees. These relationships may determine whether a candidate accepts a job offer or not and provides an idea of the company culture before starting in the workplace. Dedicate time to get to know interviewees and to make them feel at ease and your business may reap the benefits down the line.

4. Offer work that is meaningful and fulfilling

In recent years, there has been much more of an emphasis on finding work that relates to an inner purpose or sense of meaningfulness. Consider that candidates may want to make a tangible difference to the world around them and know that they – and their work – matter. In the workplace, this could translate into charity or fundraising events, or impact reports detailing how the team’s work has been effective throughout the year.

5. Establish a route for success

The prospect for career progression may prove a pivotal role in a candidate’s decision to accept a position within a company. Therefore, it may be wise to consider the opportunities for development available within your business. Not only may this increase the attractiveness of your business for candidates at the application stage, it may prove beneficial in retaining staff in the long run through the incentive of continual progression and promotion. Consider how you can develop new and existing employees to increase engagement within your team.

Here are five ways in which you may increase the attractiveness of your business to jobseekers. By combining these elements, including: building business reputation and culture, establishing strong first impressions, championing meaningful work and promising a path for development, your company may prove one step ahead of the competition in being able to attract and retain top talent

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