If your question is not listed below, do not hesitate to make contact.

Is that unlimited access to you and your team?

You receive unlimited email and WhatsApp support and as many zooms as needed to resolve your question or concern. We don't clock watch or count the minutes.

What do I get for this?

You receive unlimited email, WhatsApp and zoom support from my support team and I with access to an up-to date policy suite and a free email subscription to Crawford HRs employment update service, designed to keep your business ahead of changes in practice. You also get an annual HR audit and two 1/2-day HR surgeries each year for you and your team.

How do I go about resolving conflict in my team?

There’s no one size fits all solution for dealing with conflict when team dynamics are out of sync. Keeping perspective is crucial because conflict happens everywhere, no matter the business. That said, you should work swiftly to resolve situations of conflict to maintain positive team dynamics.

Do you investigate complaints of discrimination?

We support clients who receive such complaints, yes. As victimisation under the Equality Act 2010 is unlawful it is essential complaints around discrimination are taken seriously and dealt with appropriately by people with the knowledge and experience to protect you.

Do you attend formal hearings in person?

We are well known in the area for attending in-person, no matter the hearing. Depending on your needs we will lead the meeting, or simply offer support. This is a chargeable service and our flat fee for a days attendance is £200, within 30-miles of Barnsley. Monthly fee clients receive 50% discount from this amount.

How much do you charge to develop a staff handbook?

A standard 'off the shelf' staff handbook starts at £350. For one that integrates with employment contracts and is designed to keep your business compliant our flat-fee charge is £600. This includes preparatory work, as many zoom meetings as needed to understand the culture of your business and its issue to you and your team electronically.

How do we go about improving diversity in our business?

Primarily you need committment and support from your leadership team as it doesn't happen overnight. Inclusion and diversity are so much more than issuing a policy which is why understanding what they will both look like in practice in your organisaiston is so important. If you are ready to allocate the time and resources neeeded to drive the change and lead from the front, call us, we can support you.

Do you write bespoke workplace policies?

The simple answer is yes. Every policy and process we complete is constructed bespoke to the needs of the organisation it is for. At times though when referencing an act or a piece of legislation some policy ‘chunks’ will likely be of a standard wording. Our policies start from £35 with complete suites starting at £300.

Do you offer payroll and pension services?

Yes, we do. This service though is only available to our monthly fee clients.

Am I tied into a contract with the monthly fee?

No you aren't - the monthly fee service is contract free. You need only give a months notice when you no longer need it, no questions asked.

What areas do you specialise in?

Experienced in complex case management my support team and I specialise in employee relations and employment law. We protect your business through capability and conduct management, relevant and robust documentation and meaningful and effective consultations.

What is your basic monthly fee?

If you've less than 20-employees I charge £100 a month for the human resource and employee relation support package. Formal work, if myself or one of my support team are required to attend your workplace in person, is charged over and above this.

Do you have a standard day-rate for other specialist work?

The day-rate, with me, or one of my support team, when attending your premises in-person, is £200 within a 30-mile radius of Barnsley. Outside of this, travel expenses are incurred.