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Bank Holiday Working

Most of the UK has eight permanent bank holidays. There are slight variations between Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales however these key rules apply to them all:

  • There's no statutory right for employees to take bank holidays off work and any right to time off depends entirely on the contract of employment;

  • Working a bank holiday doesn't entitle the employee to extra or enhanced pay. Any right to pay depends entirely on the contract of employment;

  • Part-time employees have the right to not be treated less favorably than a comparable full-time employee. This includes entitlement to bank holidays, and;

  • If an employee is required to work bank holidays under (and included in) the terms of their employment contract they cannot refuse to work, even for religious reasons

If an organisation is closed bank holidays employers can request employees take these days as part of annual leave entitlement.

It remains the employers choice as to whether or not bank holiday working is required, outlining such in the employment contract.

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