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Changes to Statutory Sick Pay after relaxation of Covid measures in England

The legal requirement to self-isolate if testing positive for Covid has ended today in England. The legal requirement is still in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It has been confirmed that the day one support for sick pay if an employee is out of work as a result of contracting the virus will end on the 24th March.

The requirement for those to self-isolate who have not been vaccinated has also been removed. Those who have been vaccinated or are under 18 will no longer have to test if they have come into contact with a positive case of Coronavirus.

Under the new rules, workers will only be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) after being ill and off work for four days or longer.

Will I qualify for SSP?

To qualify for SSP, a worker must:

· Be classed as an employee or agency worker;

· Earn an average of at least £120 a week;

· Have been ill or self-isolating for at least four days in a row.

Sick pay is only payable up to 28 weeks off work and cannot be used in conjunction with Statutory Maternity Pay.

The current rate of sick pay is £96.35 a week.

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