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Facing Redundancy

Redundancy ranks as one of the most stressful and emotional life experiences people will face.

Sadly it's become an all too frequent reality in today's working environment so we think it's good practice to prepare and protect the best you can:

  1. Don't Panic easier said than done! Email us for a no-names chat about how you're feeling. Believe us when we say that with redundancy, a problem shared...

  2. Know Your Rights it goes without saying that its imperative you know your rights. Employees can email us we'll give you some free pointers or check out the ACAS website

  3. Set Out Your Case And Negotiate ask for more or talk about the length of time you can hold onto your benefits. Nothing to loose after all and we've seen it work plenty of times

  4. Remove The Emotion it's vital to do this. Don't take it personally, keep to the facts and don't single out or criticise any individuals during the negotiation process

  5. Don't React it's best to maintain good relations even if you disagree with the situation. If possible, get some introductions from your boss or colleagues or ask about consultancy work

  6. Plan Your Money keep it realistic and, should you have no job lined up, liaise with the relevant government agencies sooner rather than later

  7. Take A Course last thing on your mind? Change your mindset! Any skills gaps on your CV, fill them with a course, it shows prospective employees you're committed to your own continuous professional development even whilst job hunting

  8. Think Positive now's the time to move forward even if you didn't want a few weeks ago. The emotion will be raw but this will be the catalyst needed to re-focus your career.

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