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Statutory Shared Parental Pay (SSPP) 2022

What is statutory shared parental pay?

The statutory rate of pay for employees on shared parental leave. It is subject to the employee's average earnings meeting the lower earnings limit.

How much statutory shared parental pay can an individual get?

The amount of shared parental leave and pay to which parents are entitled depends on the amount of maternity leave and pay that the mother takes and the amount of shared parental leave and pay that the other parent takes.

Shared parental leave and pay is also available in an adoption situation.

Each parent claims shared parental leave and pay from their own employer. As well as meeting individual eligibility requirements, parents must satisfy joint eligibility requirements for the other parent to qualify for leave and pay.

There is no higher rate of statutory shared parental pay (as is payable for the first six weeks of statutory maternity pay) even where the statutory shared parental pay period begins in the six-week period during which the higher rate of statutory maternity pay is payable.

If the employee's average weekly earnings are equal to or more than the lower earnings limit (currently £123), they will be entitled to the following:

Eligibility requirements from 3 April 2022

To qualify for statutory shared parental pay, mothers and partners must meet an individual eligibility test and a joint eligibility test. Similar eligibility requirements apply in an adoption situation. (Contact us for information.)

The weekly rate of statutory shared parental pay is £156.66, or 90% of average weekly earnings where this figure is less than the statutory rate.

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