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Following 18-months of confusion, extensions, iterations and £65 billion of support the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has ended.

During the height of the scheme, in May 2020, over 9 million people were receiving a percentage of their wages through the grant. To understate it, we were living in unprecedented times.

As businesses re-opened at the turn of 2021, people slowly returned to work. March to August 2021 saw 3 million workers removed from the scheme and back into work.

This left 1.4 million employees accessing furlough during September and, as the scheme closed last night, an estimated 600,000 people were still unsure for their job.

The question of how we manage this number back into work (or at the very least provide an element of assurety to them) is critical. The answer is that employers do have options with suggested outcomes that may include:

- Return on pre-furlough T&Cs

- Reduced hours and pay

- Same hours, reduced pay

- Un-paid or part-paid leave

- Extend furlough, without the grant

- Short time working and lay-offs

- Make redundancies

Appreciating consideration must be given to the financial and emotional pressure on both the employer and employee, consultation is paramount.

If you are an employer don't delay, ask for help today.

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