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Tribunal claims continue to rise

Two sets of data were released by HM Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) earlier this month with both showing an increase in the number of claims accepted by the tribunal in the last three months of 2020, and the backlog of outstanding claims continuing to grow into this year.

It’s was expected considering the number of business restructures taking place both during and as we climb out of COVID restrictions

It’s difficult for both the claimants and the respondents with no closure on the horizon for either side. The reality though is that the system just can’t cope with the backlog.

  • HMCTS weekly management information during coronavirus shows over 51,000 outstanding employment claims, up 45% on ‘pre-Covid baseline’ figures at the end of February

  • HMCTS tribunal statistics reveals Q3 (Oct-Dec) saw 37% more claims accepted than in Q2 and 66% more than in Q1

The suspension and extension of the furlough scheme has provided temporary respite but this is neither a practical or long-term solution.

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