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What is Maternity Allowance (MA)?

What is maternity allowance?

Maternity allowance is a benefit for employees who cannot get statutory maternity pay should they have either insufficient service to qualify or if their earnings are less than the lower earnings limit for national insurance contributions.

Maternity allowance is a weekly benefit that Jobcentre Plus pays directly to entitled individuals.

How much maternity allowance can an individual get?

An employee's entitlement to maternity allowance depends on their expected week of childbirth.

Eligibility requirements from 3 April 2022

An employee must have been employed and/or self-employed for at least 26 weeks in the 66-week test period up to and including the week prior to the week in which the baby is due. The 26 weeks do not have to be consecutive or be worked with the same employer.

Maternity allowance is payable for a maximum period of 39 weeks. The current rate is £156.66 (or 90% of their average weekly earnings if this figure is less than £156.66)..

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