• Andrew Crawford

Menopause at Work

Updated: Jun 5

The menopause affects every woman differently, both physically and emotionally. It’s proven the impact on an individual’s health can affect absence and productivity, how they work and their relationships with colleagues.

Who’s doing what? The HR community is helping drive and shape what’s needed to tackle this taboo yet as it’s unlikely to receive significant government attention its important organisations are challenged by their own employees on current and future provisions and adjustments.

Culture is key Common symptoms such as night sweats, insomnia, lack of concentration and forgetfulness can lead to problems with work performance, difficulties in making decisions and decreased confidence, so excellent line management and a supportive and understanding culture is key.

If this is lacking, it might not only be employee perception of the company that takes a blow.

Discrimination Organisations risk facing claims for sex discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 if they fail to properly support their female employees and this in turn can have an adverse effect on a business’s reputation.

What next? Check existing company policies, portals and handbooks. If there’s nothing specific, ask if this is due to change and if so, when.

#Equality #Wellnessatwork

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