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Minimum Wage 2019

The government sets a minimum amount workers must be paid for hours that they work. Under 25s it is called the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and for over 25s the National Living Wage (NLW). Here's the current rates (from April 1st 2019):

  • 25 and over: £8.21 per hour;

  • 21 to 24: £7.70 per hour;

  • 18 to 20: £6.15 per hour;

  • under 18: £4.35 per hour, and;

  • apprentice: £3.90

Anyone classed as a worker is entitled to and should get the NMW or NLW:

  • full-time workers;

  • part-time workers;

  • agency workers;

  • casual workers;

  • zero hours workers;

  • apprentices;

  • workers, paid by commission;

  • workers, paid by items you make;

  • home workers;

  • casual labourers;

  • trainees, or on probation;

  • disabled workers;

  • agricultural workers;

  • foreign workers;

  • seafarers, or;

  • offshore workers

You're not entitled to the NMW or NLW if you're:

  • self-employed (if you choose to be);

  • a volunteer (if you choose to be);

  • a company director;

  • a member of the armed forces;

  • a work experience student, and/or;

  • under school leaving age


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